Bedroom producers All of Eden are a Shoegaze/Dream-pop duo from the West of Ireland comprised of brothers Jake Tyler and Troy Daniel Mac Amhlaigh. 

Recording every element from their bedroom studio, the brothers have crafted their unique sound which hinges itself on their distinctive vocal texture. Poetic and evocative in nature, their songs touch on many aspects of love and despair, the struggles of depression and of heartbreak. 

It is a period of time that brought forth ABIENCE, their 7 track EP digitally released on Friday, September 15th. 

“We spent the past few years travelling and refining our influences, crafting our sound in the process. ABIENCE sort of grew in that time and came to it’s peak…We basically spent the past year confined to our home putting all of the ideas into fruition.” 

ABIENCE is their most authentic work to date. as quoted from Jake Tyler, 'The aim of our Art is simply to create a mood. and when critics disagree with the sound we generally feel we are in accord with ourselves. And that has been very much the reaction to this project so far. It's an album for the Introverted and Lonely. 

Their influences include Mazzy Star, Radiohead and Leonard Cohen.